Listing Your Martha’s Vineyard Rental With Us

When you make the decision to avail your home for weekly vacation rentals, there are various aspects to consider aside from simply deriving seasonal income from your property. After over 30 years of experience, we are very capable in helping you navigate this process. Our agents will help you establish your market position, competitive rates and advertising placement.

Under a “short-term” lease, there are specific documents that both the Landlord and vacationing Tenant must execute.  These would include: the Rental Property Information Sheet, the Rental Agreement Contact, and a Short Term Vacation or Rental Exemption Notification Form (Massachusetts Lead Paint Form).  Your timely completion and maintenance of your property’s Rates and Availability Calendar is very important in managing your property, as is ensuring that we are made aware of any changes, improvements or updates to the property, or to your personal contact information as well.

Below are the collaborative responsibilities to consider.


The responsibilities of the Landlord:

-Provide a clean, well-maintained, and appropriately equipped home.

-Engage the services of a competent caretaker and cleaning service.

-Provide all furnishings as represented on the Rental Information Sheet and as reflected in the property marketing photos.

-Have all utilities and appliances in good operating order and condition.

-Provide a list of owner’s service providers and trash pickup schedule at the house.

-We strongly encourage that you develop a “Welcome Kit” or “House Manual” to be left at the property for the Tenant’s reference.  This would include basic operation of your property, general instructions, rules of the house, key contact numbers, and other “good to know” info about your property.

-Have working locks and keys.

-Communicate regularly with the Rental Agents regarding property availability & rates, lock/key changes, facility changes, service provider changes, phone number/internet changes, etc.


The responsibilities of Coldwell Banker Landmarks:

-Advertise/market your property for seasonal rent.

-Procure a tenant.

-Prepare and facilitate the execution of all requisite lease documents.

-Collect and provide an accounting of all funds.

-Hold security funds in escrow, if applicable.

-Meet tenant upon arrival, or make alternative arrangements to provide tenant with arrival packet.

-Assist tenant with problems that may arise in coordination with the landlord and or caretaker.

-Act as a general information resource to the tenant toward providing an enjoyable vacation stay with the intention that they become a repeat tenant of your property.

-Provide recommendations to the Landlord of competent service providers to consider as needed.


Our Rental Agents always conduct preview visits to properties being added to our inventory.  This practice enables them to develop a better familiarity with your property, its features and amenities, which will assist them in the promotion of it to prospective tenants.

Please contact one of our Coldwell Banker Landmarks vacation rental agents to further discuss your questions and curiosities regarding how to participate as a Landlord on Martha’s Vineyard.